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But no living man am I!

You look upon a woman.

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Fans of Éowyn
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Please note this community is set for 1024x768 viewing.

This community is primarily for fans of Eowyn from the books. We welcome all true fans of Eowyn but suggest that you read up on her character. We prefer intelligent discussion to quiz results and acts of "fangirl" insanity. This is not saying that fangirls/fanboys are unwelcome here. There are just more appropriate places to display *i love legolas* posts and such. That being said these rules laid forth are the rules for our community. If they are not followed then this community shall become a closed community with membership approved by the moderator.

Community Rules

1. NO OFF TOPIC POSTS. This is particularly important. This is an Eowyn-centric community to discuss our most beloved of Tolkien characters. If your post is not related in some way to this it will be deleted.

2. NO QUIZ RESULTS. As I have said, there are more appropriate communities for this. This particular community is for serious Tolkien fans from either the book or the movie who would like to discuss the characters and not who would be their perfect mate as set forth by Quizzila.

3. NO PROMOS FOR OTHER COMMUNITIES. These will be deleted and so will you.

4. NO FLAMING. I don't settle disputes. I block the offender from our community. We've been peaceful thus far and we like it that way.

5. NO MOVIE SPOILERS EXCEPT BEHIND LJ CUTS. Just because we're a book based group doesn't mean we don't enjoy the movies. We like discussing the movies and the differences in characters in each format. So feel free to discuss anything from the movie as well...but be kind and post it behind a cut for those who may not have seen it yet.

6. MAKE AN INTRODUCTION POST. We've always been a small, tightnit community and we like knowing who are newest members are and what are their thoughts. So please, introduce yourself. Let us know a bit about you. We'll reciprocate.

7. IF YOU BREAK THE RULES YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. The first time you break a rule your post will be deleted and you will be warned. The next time you break a rule you will be removed from the community and blocked from posting. If the general influx of people consistently pay no attention to the rules of our community it will become a closed community for the sake of our members.

8. HAVE FUN! This community is here for your enjoyment. Please feel free to discuss plots, characters, post pics or icons of your creation, etc. Remember to post anything considered a spoiler behind a cut for courtesy. Have a good time!

Should you have any questions feel free to contact the moderator of this community, kissableme, by email (varda_elentari_ladyofthestars@yahoo.com).

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Feel free to take any of these banners, more to come soon, and place them on your site. Just be sure to save them to your own server and don't hotlink! We need our bandwidth! If you'd like your site linked to Eowyn's Realm, let us know and we'll put your link up!

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